Mariya Miliutsina


Born in 1992 in Witebsk (Belarus), she began playing the flute at the age of seven. One year later, she played as a soloist with Belarus' Philarmonic Chamber Orchestra. During her childhood she performed Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Moldova and Germany.

Mariya began in 2011 her studies at the Music Academy of Minsk.

Her studies continued in 2013 at the HfMT Köln with Jennifer Seubel (flute) and Prof. Manfredo Zimmerman (traverso). Since 2018 she studies traverso with Prof. Leonard Schelb. 

Mariya has played with the Main Barock Orchester Frankfurt, Collegium Cartusianum or the Bachorchester Mainz.  


Amarilis Dueñas

Viola da Gamba & Baroque Violoncello

Born in Valladolid (Spain) in 1998, she began with her musical studies at the age of three. She studies modern cello since 2016 with Prof. Maria Kliegel and baroque cello and viola da gamba since 2018 with Prof. Rainer Zipperling at the HfMT Köln. 

She has been awarded at competitions such as the Pau Casals International Award, Concurso de Música Conde Oeiras or Juventudes Musicales de España.

Her debut as a soloist with orchestra was in 2014 and performs regularly with all instruments throughout Europe. Since 2019 she has played and made recordings with the Kölner Akademie.


Lars Hobein


Born in Hagen (Germany) in 1995, he began playing piano at the age of seven. In 2005, he won the first prize at the Concours Musical de France. 

At the age of fourteen he obtained the C-Schein im Kirchenkreis Westfalen  and is since then cantor at a congregation in Hagen. 

In 2014 he began his harpsichord studies at the HfMT Köln with Prof. Michael Borgstede. 

In 2018 he played the Brandenburg Concertos with the Hagen Chamber Orchestra.


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