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CD La Réjouissance Galante


La Réjouissance Galante

March 2023

The galant style is starting to be considered as one of the most influential musical movements cultivated in Europe between 1720 and 1780. The repertoire collected in this recording by La Réjouissance, composed in Hamburg, London or Milan, confirms not only the international scale of this movement, but also the richness of its production, yet to be explored. In this context, the trio sonata established itself as the perfect form for theaspirations of composers and performers. Established in the 17th century, this baroqueconstruction would also exercise its sovereignty in the chamber music of the gallant, reconverted into an eighteenth-century form that was both ingenious and technicallyaccessible; its conversational, sociable and light-hearted character was equally satisfying to professional and amateur musicians alike. Works by universally known musicians, such as G. Ph. Telemann, C. Ph. Emanuel and his brother J. Chr. Bach, as well as by C. Fr. Abel, are juxtaposed here to pieces by lesser known musicians such as Fortunato Chelleri and Pierre Prowo, , here offered in world premiere, which will doubtlessly constitute a dramatic enrichment in the repertoire of the style galante.

CD La Réjouissance Galante: Diskografie
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